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The Problem

Let’s face it. Seattle is a difficult place to find affordable housing. If a person can’t or won’t pay exorbitant rental rates, what options do they have? Apply for a government program. Pick a slum house. Share a tiny, expensive place with a bunch of other people. Or, find a suburb and let the daily commute begin.

Our Solution: aPodment® Suites

Calhoun Properties recognized this need within Seattle’s rental housing market. We’ve created a brighter vision — to honor the decent, hard-working people who make Seattle tick — by providing quality housing (and excellent service!) at affordable rates.

For over a decade, Calhoun Properties has been developing and managing aPodment® Suites — small and micro-unit residential apartments with flexible short-term lease options — in Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill, University District, Fremont, and Ballard neighborhoods. Our mission is to ensure that a diverse demographic of Seattleites can continue to live in the city they love for many decades to come.

Calhoun Properties

Our Solution: aPodment® Suites

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