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Application Process for a Standard Lease (2–5 months*)

Steps required to become a resident with Calhoun Property Management (CPM):

  1. Read our Resident Qualifications Summary to make sure you are qualified to rent from us. You must read this document before you can apply.
  2. Complete the application (link is found at bottom of Resident Qualifications Summary) and pay the nonrefundable $40 screening fee. Then upload the necessary documentation via the DocuSign email you’ll receive upon completion — or send documents directly to
  3. Expect to be contacted by our office in 24–48 hours with an update on your application.
  4. The office will provide you with a list of availabilities and any upcoming open houses.
  5. Select your rental unit.
  6. Pay your holding deposit as instructed by the member of the aPodment® leasing team who has been working with you. The holding deposit equals $250.
  7. Be prepared to wait 1–2 business days for final processing of your application. Note that all requested documentation to support your application must be received within 2 business days of reserving a unit for tenancy with CPM to proceed.
  8. Sign your electronic lease and schedule your move-in appointment with the office. First month’s rent will be due when you move in.

For Applicants Needing a Co-signer

  • Students enrolled full-time in a higher-education institution are eligible for a co-signer
  • Read our Co-signer Qualifications Summary
  • Complete the Co-signer section of the online application.
  • The application will be electronically submitted though a secure (HTTPS-encrypted) portal.
  • Co-signers will need to submit proof of income and a copy of their photo ID to be considered viable. Either upload the relevant documents via the DocuSign email sent to the primary applicant’s email address, or email them to
  • Expect to be contacted by a leasing manager shortly after your application returns from screening.

Deposit Information

Deposits can be paid by check or money order or via our online payment system (link will be given to you once you have selected your unit). No cash accepted. Please contact us should you have any questions. 


*Standard lease is 5 months but can be shortened to 4, 3, or 2 months for an upfront one-time additional rental payment of $250 per month shortened — so a 4-month lease would be an additional $250 before move-in, 3 months would be $500, and 2 months would be $750.


What is the lease length?

All leases are 5 months, then go month-to-month. You can shorten your lease, if preferred, by up to 3 months for an additional one-time rental payment. For a 4-month lease, you’d pay an extra $250 no later than at the time of move-in. A 3-month lease would be $500 up front. A 2-month lease would be $750 up front.

Do you have a preleasing option?

Yes, we offer a preleasing option for those who wish to reserve an aPodment® Suite more than 45 days from now. Click here for details.

How can I view an aPodment® unit?

Each month we try to hold several free open houses so you can see what aPodment® communities and units look like in person. And if you’ve already applied with us, you can schedule a private tour in a specific building or neighborhood as availability permits.

Is there wireless internet?

Superfast wireless internet (75 Mbps) is included in your rental price at nearly all of our buildings. Our Solana, Firenze, and Terrazza buildings offer 100 Mbps wired (Ethernet-hookup) internet for no extra fee. Pine North and South offer standard wireless internet in the rental price.

Do you allow pets?

No. We do not allow pets. Applicants can make a request for reasonable accommodation and a waiver of our no-pet policy by completing this form and submitting a note from their care provider that confirms the need for an assistance animal.

When is the best time to start my search for an aPodment® Suite?

The best time to start searching is 20–30 days before your desired (1st of the month) move-in date. This is because residents are required by Washington state law to give no more than 20 days’ notice that they’re vacating. This notice falls on the 10th or 11th day of the month prior. Specific unit availabilities are generally determined by the 20-day notices and will be communicated to you by our leasing managers usually no later than the business day following the 12th of the month. If you’re searching more than 45 days before your desired move-in date, you may want to consider our preleasing option.

Is there an onsite manager?

Yes, all buildings have an onsite Resident Manager (RM) available 24/7 to our residents.

Does the rent change once my lease goes month-to-month?

We reserve the right to modify the rent for monthly tenancies. However, this happens rarely.

Do I have to keep the furnishings?

The fridge and closet unit must stay in the apartment. The complimentary bed, desk, and chair may be removed before move-in. We request that furniture arrangements be made when the move-in time is decided. If you want the furniture removed or brought back in to the apartment after you’ve moved in, there is a $75 fee.

What size bed is provided?

All units come with a twin bed.

How do you handle bed cleanliness?

All of our mattresses have an outer cover to prevent pest infestations and to protect the mattress. If a mattress or cover is stained at move-out, however, it is replaced before the new resident moves in.

What are the neighbors in the building like?

This varies hugely by building and by neighborhood, and sometimes even by tower. Because of our locations, flexible leases, and proximity to schools, our residents often have drastically different schedules and tend to keep to themselves.

What kitchen items are provided?

We provide cooking items: pots, pans, basic spoons and spatulas, knives, and cutting boards. Our residents must provide any small appliances and dishes needed for eating.

Is laundry coin-operated?

Laundry is coin-operated at all buildings. Prices vary slightly by building.

How do I find out if there is an available unit or request a guided tour?

Simply complete and submit the online application via the link on this web page. Our leasing managers base their schedules for viewing units that are opening on the application date, move-in date, and availability of aPodment® units.

What is an "application date"?

This is the date your application is received by the Calhoun Property Management office. For example, if you submit your application on May 1st, you’ll be notified of available units before an applicant who submits theirs on May 2nd. If more than one application is submitted on a particular day, they are processed in the order they were received.

What is a "move-in date"?

This is the date you wish to occupy the unit. All availabilities for Standard Leasing are for the upcoming first of the month. With a Short-Term Lease, you choose your start date and pay per day. If your desired move-in date is beyond the upcoming month, you may be interested in our preleasing option.

How big is an aPodment® Suite?

Our aPodment® communities offer a wide selection of micro-studio suite layouts designed to address your unique requirements. Depending on the specific building you’re interested in, you can choose from standard and loft apartment residences that run from about 140–280 square feet.

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