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Preleasing an aPodment® Suite

Calhoun Property Management, Inc. welcomes applicants who would like to hold an aPodment® Suite for a future move-in date. We offer this option for those who want to plan their move-in several months in advance.

Steps required to hold a unit managed by Calhoun Property Management:

  1. Read our Resident Qualifications Summary to make sure you are qualified to rent from us. You must read this document before you can apply.
  2. Complete the application (link is found at bottom of Resident Qualifications Summary) and pay the $40 screening fee. Then submit the necessary documentation via the DocuSign email you’ll receive upon completion — or send documents directly to
  3. Our office will advise you if we expect units to be available.
  4. Your court and credit screening report will be run. Our office will contact you and let you know if your application meets our rental qualifications (as outlined in the Resident Qualifications Summary mentioned above). 
  5. If your application is qualified and a unit at one of the properties managed by our office is expected to be available for you to rent within your desired time-frame, you may pay a $250 hold fee. If you are not interested in renting a unit at one or more of the properties managed by us, before paying the hold fee you may identify any property you are not interested in renting.
  6. Once you have paid the hold fee and your application has been approved, we will contact you 30–40 days before your desired move-in date to confirm your continued interest. At that time we may update your rental history verification and request current paystubs. (If during this second review we determine that you are no longer eligible to rent from us, your $250 hold fee will be returned in full.)
  7. The office will contact you with the specific available units by the 11th of the month before your proposed move-in date. You will have 48 hours to decide on a unit. If you have not chosen your unit within that time-frame your spot may be assigned to another applicant. To reserve your specific unit, you will pay your first month’s rent.
  8. Once you choose your unit you can schedule your move-in, lease signing, and walk-through appointment. You will have already paid your first month’s rent and your $250 security deposit (unless you’ve chosen a unit that qualifies for security-deposit installments and you elect to pay your security deposit in installments per Addendum J of your lease, in which case the $250 hold fee will be applied toward one-fourth of your $250 security deposit and the balance will be credited toward your second month’s rent, thus reducing the balance owed before move-in by $187.50).  If you decide NOT to choose a unit or stay on our unit hold list, your hold fee will NOT be refunded.

Your $250 hold fee secures your opportunity to lease a unit in your price range and your preferred neighborhood (or as close to that neighborhood as possible).
While we can’t guarantee you a unit in a specific building, we do generally know how many units will be opening up each month in each neighborhood. If you prefer a specific building and we don’t have units coming available there, you’ll be able to select a unit in your price range that’s in a nearby building. All of our buildings are very close to major bus lines and business districts.

We have 2 general price ranges.
While each building has a variety of layouts, our standard suites in all of our buildings generally range from $700–950 and our premium suites, which include most of our lofts, range from $950–1200. A balanced split of standard and premium units will be opening each month.

Our leases start on the 1st of the month.
If you’re moving mid-month, you have 2 options: either pay for the entire month and move in whenever you arrive, or sign up for the following month’s list of availability and find other accommodations until your unit becomes available. Whichever option you choose, you can start the preleasing process now.

Our leases end on the last day of the month.
If you’re leaving mid-month, you have 2 options: either schedule your move out for the last day of the month before the month you’re leaving (e.g., July 31 if you leave August 12) and find other accommodations for the final few weeks you’re in town, or pay all of your final month’s rent (e.g., pay for all of August even if you move out on the 12th). If you choose the 2nd option and we re-rent your unit that same month, we will refund you a prorated amount based on when the new resident moves in (e.g., if you pay all of August and move out on the 12th, and then we re-rent your unit and the new resident moves in on the 15th, you will be refunded 17 days’ worth of prorated rent because the new resident will be paying 17 days of prorated rent).

Our standard lease is 5 months.
We do offer the option of shortening your lease for an additional upfront rental payment. If you only plan on renting for 4 months, you can pay an additional $200 to sign a 4-month lease. If you’re here for 3 months, you can pay an additional $400 for a 3-month lease. If you want a lease shorter than 3 months, please check out our Executive Lease option.

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