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Emergency Numbers

In case of emergency or lockout, call:

Alturra — 503-799-4823

Brava — 206-251-4543
Centro — 206-278-4509
Cortena — 503-799-4823
Firenze — 206-310-9337
Ilaria — 206-278-4509

Modena — 760-985-8319

Pine — 760-985-8319
Solana — 206-276-9365
Terrazza — 206-310-9337
Videré — 760-985-8319


Avenida — 206-914-9966
Fiora — 425-318-9440

Giardino — 859-221-5851

Morino — 206-914-9966
Palermo — 508-277-9131
Positano — 503-799-4823

Riano — 206-939-2322
Strada — 508-277-9131
Troveré — 206-914-9966
Venetia — 206-914-9966

Love your Pod? Refer your friends, family, classmates, or coworkers and get a $100 rent credit for each referral who moves in with us! (To qualify, your referral must enter your name on the move-in form they’ll receive once their application has been approved.)

Need Something Fixed?

Submit a Maintenance Request
The fastest way for residents to get help when they need it.

Is your faucet loose? Is your smoke detector beeping? Light bulbs out in unit or hallway? Door latch or lock not operating properly? Bath fan not working right? Entry doors or gates not shutting properly?

Note: In case of emergency or urgent maintenance request please call or text your Resident Manager.

Submit a Maintenance Request

Non-Maintenance Contact

Do you have a non-maintenance issue with the building or your aPodment? Is your neighbor being loud after quiet hours? Did your RM do something awesome? Please contact your resident manager or tell us by using the form below.

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Resident FAQs

What are acceptable forms of payment?

We accept rent by cashier’s check, personal check, or money order, or online through your Propertyware tenant portal. No cash will be accepted. We also accept payments via automatic billpay through your bank. Email for information about how to set up billpay.

How do I connect to the Internet?

This information is provided on the modem located in your unit.

How do I activate cable in my unit?

Our units are cable-ready, so you can call your local cable provider (varies by property, ask your RM) and have them come out to hook up cable in your unit. You are responsible for scheduling installation and disconnection of this service, and may need to be present for this to occur.

Who is my onsite manager?

All of our locations have an onsite, full-time manager. Residents can call the onsite manager 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ask questions, report damages or concerns, or even inquire about the neighborhood or transportation. We consider our Resident Managers (RMs) to be the concierge of their respective buildings. Their contact information is available under the Emergency Numbers section of this web page and is posted in the kitchen area in your building.

How do I make a maintenance request?

Fill out our online maintenance request form. After we receive a request, the maintenance lead may contact you and ask questions to help determine the exact nature of the problem before sending a technician. We are able to handle most repair requests within 1–3 business days.

How do I give notice that I'll be vacating?

You can submit your official Notice of Intent to Vacate here.

How much notice must I give to move out?

Washington state law requires 20 days’ notice, which does not include the day you submit your notice. Thus you must give notice via our official form (found here) by the 10th of the month.

Can I change apartments?

Yes, you can absolutely change apartments — though we do require that your original term lease be fulfilled and that you are a resident in good standing (without any late payments or notices to comply or quit). You will need to give notice (here) and complete the transfer request (here) by the 10th of the month that you intend to move.

It's past the 10th of the month and I need to move out later this month. What do I do?

If you find out after the 10th that you need to leave at the end of the month and you have not given notice, you will need to give notice (form found here) as soon as possible. You will be charged an early-termination-of-lease fee equal to one month’s rent — but if your unit gets re-rented before or during the following month, you’ll receive a refund that will be prorated from when the new resident’s lease begins. (After the 10th of the month, all month-to-month residents who have not given notice to vacate are automatically on the line for the following month’s rent. This early-termination-of-lease fee is in lieu of that rent which would otherwise be received.)

If I move out before the end of the month, do I have to pay rent for the whole month?

Yes — if you move out before the end of the month, you are expected to pay rent for the entire month. If a new resident moves in to your unit before the end of that same month, you will be sent a rent refund that will be prorated from the date the new lease begins.

Can I schedule my checkout inspection before my actual departure from the building?

You cannot stay in the building after your checkout inspection has occurred. The Resident Manager will take your keys at this time, so your Pod will need to be clean and empty and ready to vacate.

Will I be charged for a repair if I report a leaky shower or faucet, or a noisy bathroom fan, or a heater that isn't working?

You should always tell us about any problems with your unit so that we can provide you with the best living experience possible, and so that we can prevent bigger and costlier problems from arising in the future. If there is something wrong with your unit that you did not cause, such as a leaky faucet or carpet pulling away from your wall, you will not be charged.

Am I allowed to make alterations to my unit?

If you’d like to make any alterations to your unit, you must first obtain express written consent from Calhoun Property Management. Please note that if you bring your own furniture into your unit and that furniture causes indentations in the carpet that cannot be removed, you will be charged for the replacement cost of the carpet upon move-out.

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